I Care For Your Well-Being

I believe I’ve found a universal truth.  This phrase, “I care for your well-being”.  I’m also going to leap to the most bold statement I’ve made in my life up to this point. This phrase is at the core of World Peace. I’ll wander a little and get back to the World Peace part.

: the state of being happy, healthy, or successful

Who is “I” and who is “You(r)”

When Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, I believe he was talking about this concept.  The “I” is our own being and the “You” is your material body. By changing yourself and getting to the state of well-being, you are now full, happy, healthy and feel complete.  Sort of part one.  Part two is that you’ve reached this state of well-being. You have enough to care about other’s well-being. We call this love.

When you’ve reached well-being, you can also care for other “things” of this world, nature, for example.  You’re in a state of well-being and can care for the well-being of the plants, animals and whole of the environment.

When I speak of “care” for others, it signifies an intention. Intention is key to understand. I believe everybody carries this intention of care. What I understand is that everybody is caring, even the worst people you can think of.

Here’s the thing about the worst people. They don’t feel that anyone cares about them, so they have to do it for themselves. They have their self interest in mind over anything else. And that’s caring. It’s our judgement against them as they haven’t shown us their care. We revolt over it. But it’s a downward spiral. They don’t get the care, so they inwardly care for themselves, they don’t show care towards others, so we don’t show care and on and on until it gets to a point we DO care! We care that we don’t want them to do that. Wait, now we care.  Wait, now they care? They think, “great, I’ll do more of that!” Even in the worst people we care.

The “worst” people want to know we care about their well-being.  How do we do that?  We take care of ourselves first (see Ghandi) then we show, tell, shout, whisper, that we care. Our intention is to understand. Understanding is a prevailing current of love and peace if Elvis Costello has anything to say about it (Peace, Love and Understanding, 1979).

Hey you, the one who feels like no one cares and the whole world “is out to get you”; your well-being is cared for. Imagine how many things are conspiring to work in your favor? Let’s start at the beginning. You beat the odds in the pre-womb uterus. http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/abinazir/2011/06/15/what-are-chances-you-would-be-born/.  Tl;dr: 1 in 102,685,000  .  How big is that number? For comparison, this is how many atoms there are that make up earth 1050. You’re a freaking miracle! How about you picked a time on Earth to live like now? Are you running from large animals that want to eat you? I could go deep as to all the things that are exactly perfect for you right now, but let’s go with the Earth, Mother Nature and all the living things here are here for you to live perfectly well for quite a few decades.

All the people you never knew who lived before you cared about your well-being. They cared that you had shelter. They cared you have clean water to drink.   They cared your life was made easier by all the inventions that came out of their existence. They all cared about your well-being.

Because you’re reading this, you’re already more aware of caring. You may care outwardly more than before. That’s a quantum leap my friend.

Let’s back the lens all the way out to the universe view. Look at all this care that’s here for you. This is where some of us ponder the existence of a higher power. A God, a Source, Universe, Mother Nature, Infinite I, the unknown, The Force, something. This “thing” cares about your well-being.

Think about the minimum you could ask for? Being alive. By the standard of being dead, that’s well-being!

What about World Peace? As this gets shared and spreads, more people will become aware of their well-being. When we then look at ourselves as a miracle we can know that everybody else is a miracle. This is an upward spiral. The unawareness of this concept is the cause of all conflict. Maybe we’re supposed to have this conflict to reflect bring light to this?  Maybe this is the time of the great enlightenment? What are you going to do? Maybe this is my  thing to focus on? Maybe I’m a translator of Ghandi or Elvis Costello or John Lennon or my Mom?

This is the feeling I’ve always had toward others.  I care about your well-being.  This is why I’m typing these words.  This is why I think about you when you struggle. I’ve come to learn I can’t change you by showing, telling or yelling at you to change.  I type these letters to inspire you. That’s why I’m listening to Ghandi’s words, I’m being the change I wish to see in the world and I care about your well-being.

I haven’t asked you for anything in these words. I want you to know something though…