What a dump truck taught me about negativity…

Have you ever gotten a ding in your windshield from a dump truck carrying gravel?

I know I sure have.   Kind of annoying.  Now you have to get the windshield all fixed up.

I saw a dump truck the other day and I had a different thought.  Why do we follow so close when we know the dump truck is carrying gravel?  Why don’t we give it more room so that we can avoid the rocks?  Why should we expect not to get hit if we follow too close?

Dump trucks need to carry gravel.  That’s what they do.  They’re also going to miss a few pieces of gravel and they’re going to fall off.  Are they wrong for missing those few pieces and the damage they cause to your car?  Sure they are!

Somehow at the same time of this thought, I made the connection to some other things that we are certain to come across in life and the top thing on my mind happened to be negative people.  It was from Facebook’s experiment on how negativity affected people’s posts following a string of negative posts that Facebook chose for certain people’s feeds.

Negative people are like dump trucks.

You know the people, glass half empty folks.  Complainers.  Facebook polluters.  Drama follows them around like white on rice.  They carry gravel…lots of it!  And some don’t even bother closing the back door to the truck.

I’m giving these folks the benefit of the doubt.  These folks are carrying a lot of gravel because they’re going somewhere.  They are searching.  They don’t know exactly where they’re going, but they are going nonetheless.  They will get where they need to go when they’re ready.  But they are going to be armed with a load.  So, what should we do to help them?

Stay back.Negative People are like dump trucks-2

We can’t pick a new road to go on.  They also have a convoy with them.  We can’t get around them to pass.  Why not back off and give them the room they need to settle those pebbles?  You don’t drop good friends because a rock or two comes in your car’s direction.  You stick with them for the times they really need you.  Their truck might run out of gas or get a flat tire.  These are the times they need you.  It might be a good time to approach them and ask them what they need.  And they WILL need you.

If you follow too close (get too involved), you’re going to get hammered with rocks.  When you get too much of it, you’re not going to be in any shape to be able to help others with your bright and cheery demeanor.  Other trucks might be breaking down and you’ll miss that opportunity to help the truck (friend) who really needs you now.

The lesson I learned from all this was that I’m not going to stop dump trucks from dropping gravel.  I’m going to leave a little more room between me and them and maybe if someday they need help, I’ll be ready.


This is going to be place where I organize my thoughts on what I think about humans connecting to each other and to our Spirit and pondering who/what that might be.

My beliefs are that we all have some connection through vibrations.  They manifest in ways which current modern western beliefs don’t align.  We as westerners have seemingly all but turned off this extension of our existence.  I’m here to help listen to that “frequency” as it would be.

Stay tuned…  This should be enlightening!