Love thy plants…metaphorical lessons of love

You know you need to take care of your plants, fish, dogs, cats, whatever or they’re going to wither away or worse perish.

I’m learning that it applies to the people in my life and they are similar.

It comes from Deepak Chopra’s concept within the “Seven Spiritual Laws” about Attention and Desire (and the subset of Intention).

Whatever you put your attention on will

“Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life.  Whatever you take your attention away from will wither, disintegrate, and disappear.”

When you focus your attention on an object, person or goal, you’re orchestrating a stream of events to bring about an intended outcome.  Attention starts the process.

I’ve loved these “slower” entities for much of my life.  Only recently am I catching up in “real time” to allow myself to Be Love to all you upright conscious souls!  Be patience with me, I’m learning.  I’ve loved cats by being a provider of food and petting them where ever and whenever they desired.  I’ve loved fish by consistently feeding them, changing their water and cleaning their tank.  I’ve loved plants, grass, trees, inanimate objects like roofs, driveways, boats, cars, etc.  Most people in my life would say I take pretty good care of the “things” around me.

I’m learning that when I decide to grow a garden, that’s my first step toward my intended outcome of being nourished.  Then, all the steps begin to fall into place.  Where am I going to locate these plants?  How did I decide that was a good place?  Is it a sunny location?  Can I get to it easily?  With people, this might look like my circle of friends and family or maybe the world as a whole?

How big will my garden of people look like?  If it’s too small, I won’t get the nourishment I need to be full.  If it’s too large, I won’t be able to pay enough attention to it all.  And I’ll lose touch with the field.

But what if….what if by me having a garden that’s just the right size for me that others decide they’re going to have a garden that’s just the right size for them…

What if I could show you how to prepare your soil so that it’s ready to accept the seeds and those seeds of ideas could sprout.  Those ideas could be your hopes and dreams.  Maybe by planting an array of seeds of unknown origin, you could find which plants grows the best in your garden?  And by putting your attention toward those plants that do best with you, you could meet your potential to show the world?  By growing your best plants you nourish someone else?!  They see your garden, and you both get nourished.  And it continues.

Attention is Love.

For me, I feel like I’ve just recently planted my seeds of people and they’re beginning to sprout.  I plan on paying attention with the intention of Love, just like before but to this higher level.  My intention is that my attention will help others realize their higher purpose while in this realm.  And maybe that’s the whole idea of living?

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