Mace Energy Method

Mace Energy Method (MEM™)

A guided self therapy to assist people to be in control of their own life and live their own dreams.

The Mace Energy Method utilises the fact that feelings control our lives. They influence our attitudes; what we say, think and do and conversely what we do not say or do.

Another important factor in MEM concerns the function of the Mind, in that it has the ability to create a mental image of what you have your attention on.

Amazingly, it will also create a mental image to represent an understood concept and also a feeling. A concept of course is an idea or a notion about something.

Although you’ll be reading the next part first, when you close your eyes, note what exactly you mind creates for you.

Close your eyes after reading each word.

  • Apple
  • House
  • Motorcar

Ok, open your eyes. As soon as I put your attention on those three disparate objects, your mind created an appropriate image.

I will now give you reality on the second factor, which is the Mind’s ability to create a mental image to represent feelings and concepts.

To make this factor real to you, think what the word Love means. Close your eyes.

What was the image?

Now think what the word Happiness means. Close your eyes.

What was the image?

Now this is important! I did not ask you to talk about love, particularly about your love life, nor did I ask you to discuss happiness. You were simply told to put your attention on those two concepts.

The difference between the first set of words and the second set is that the first are in the material wold and we can’t physically experience them, the second set are in the energy world of emotions and feelings.  Our mind works very well with the physical world in the way we interact with it. The energy world is something we’re only now beginning to understand but it’s clear that our mind operates in the same manner.

During a session a practitioner will help you find the feelings that need handling and use a technique very similar to the exercise above to help you feel better right away.