Robin Williams was the guy who danced like no one was watching

That’s why we miss him.
Not because we’re sad about the struggles that he lost at. Like the underdog. It’s a part but not why we’re deeply saddened.
Robin Williams was the guy who
He was the comic who was spewing funny anytime his mouth opened. Why? Because he didn’t give a shit what you thought of what was coming out. He was a full blooming comic flower!  Larger than any other flower. More colorful than any other. More nectar than any other and we were his bees, his flower lover.
For any pain you feel, look inward.  Ask yourself, why is this pain?  We miss this guy.  Almost to a person, my Facebook feed was filled with pain, grief, sadness.  It was too late to live through Robin any longer.  And we’re going to miss it.
“It”.  That “it” was how we saw Robin.  How we watched him blossom into pure human energy.  He delivered faster than we could take it in.  He just flowed.  His energy was magic.
His lesson to us is to allow yourself to be Robin.  In your own way.  Go and bloom!  You’re not a comic like Robin, that was HIS dharma.  We’re saddened because we admired him for his purpose and that was dead on his purpose!  He was an example of how to live your life…to the fullest.
Sure he got caught in a place he couldn’t escape.  We can’t be sure what was going on, nor should we be too concerned.  Somehow this was his path.  And his path just crossed ours in a powerful way.
Remember Robin on your path.  Go bloom!   < 3

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